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Gearboxes & Engin Room

We stock a wide variety of gearboxes and engins, please contact us for more information.


We also stock any electrical car parts and stock you may require, give us a shout on our contact page or leave us a message and one of our professional sales people will get in touch.


At Bonerts we pride ourself on quality used suspension parts for your car. Phone us for the right fit.

Body parts

We also have a wide variety of body parts available to repair your car back to its original machine like state.


Who We Are

Bonerts was established in 1965 by the late Mr Samuel Bonert. The company secured contracts with insurance companies to collect their accident damaged vehicles. These vehicles were either sold to individuals as a complete unit or it was stripped and the parts were sold to our loyal customers.

In 2001 Bonerts was purchased by Combined Motor Holdings. In 2014 Bonerts was split and the salvage section was sold to Salvage Car Dealers.

In December 2015 two members of the staff had the opportunity to purchase the business. We have 17 staff members who aim to assist our customers where ever they can.

Our attention to detail and our friendly staff's experience in the industry will ensure that you get the correct motor spares at the best possible prices.


What We Have to Offer

We also offer the following services

Used Auto Parts Delivery

We will arrange delivery of your motor parts.

Accident Damaged Vehicles

We will buy your accident damaged and non running vehicles. We offer very competitive prices. Please leave your details below and we will get in touch to arrange a meeting to assess your vehicle and offer you a price.

Park and Sell

At Bonerts we offer a park & sell service on consignment. Please contact Hein or Allan to get your car sold quickly.


Cars For Sale

B00739 (6).jpg

Citroen C2 VTR 1.4 2004

Pre Owned Code 2

Keys: Yes
Mileage: 258 198
Books: Yes

Audi A3 TDI 2005

Accident Damaged For Sale Rebuild Code 2

Keys: Yes
Mileage: 246 934

B00744 (20).jpg
B00745 (16).jpg

Renault Sandero Hatch 2012

Accident Damaged For Sale Rebuild Code 2

Keys: Yes
Mileage: 195 818

Opel Astra 2011

For Sale

Keys: 1
Book: Yes

B00750 (19).jpg
B00726 (7).jpg

Mazda 323 1995

For Sale

Keys: Yes

Mercedes Benz W169 2008

For Sale

Keys: Yes

B00753 (1).jpg

Cars Stripping For Spares

B00742 (6).jpg

Alfa Romeo 2000

Stripping for Spares

Mileage: 225 500
Keys: Yes

Renault Logan 2009

Stripping for Spares

Mileage: 207 994
Keys: Yes

B00741 (25).jpg
B00734 (16).jpg

VW Jetta 1.9 TDI 2000

Stripping for Spares

Keys: Yes
Mileage: 261 000

Toyota Etios 2012

Stripping for Spares

Keys: 1
Mileage: 53 448

B00736 (3).jpg
B00738 (5).jpg

Chev Spark 2005

Stripping for Spares

Keys: 2
Mileage: 133 044

Toyota Conquest Twin RSI 1992

Stripping for Spares

Mileage: 403 174

B00740 (19).jpg
B00746 (9).jpg

Audi A4 1.9 TDI 2005

Stripping for Spares

Keys: Yes

Ford Fiesta 1.4 2008

Stripping for Spares

Keys: Yes
Mileage: 155 269

B00747 (10).jpg
B00748 (1).jpg

Chery Tigo

Stripping for Spares

Year: 2007
Keys: 1

Honda Ballade 1995

Stripping for Spares

Keys: 1

B00751 (4).jpg
B00749 (1).jpg

Toyota Corolla 2014

Stripping for Spares

Key: 1

Chev Spark 2005

Stripping for Spares

Keys: Yes

B00752 (5).jpg
B00754 (2).jpg

Daihatsu Sirion 2005

Stripping for Spares

Keys: Yes

Audi A3 2.0

Stripping for Spares

Key: 1

B00755 (4).jpg
B00756 (4).jpg

Tata Indica lgi

Stripping for Spares


Get the highest quality auto parts at unbeatable rates from Bonerts today!


Our Inventory

Contact us for more details

SAAB Engine 2.0 ltr

Boot lids










Head Lights




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